Friday, November 13, 2009


Hey...., miss me? i know u do. Anyway, im here to tell you about my fun of yesterday. Ready? Let's go...

Okay, i woke up and waited patiently for Ke Xin to come. Then, Ke Xin haven't come yet, so i went up to change. Then, Rachel came and Ke Xin haven't. Then, Rachel and i were discussing whether we wait for Ke Xin or not. Then, we tried to called her so many times but she didn't pick up the phone. Finally, she did. She said that her mother let her go but her father don't. So, i suggest that we come and pick her up from her house. Then, we went to her house and picked her up. Then, we went to 1 Utama. first, we went to McDonald to eat our lunch. Then, we went for a walk and we went to shops to buy stuff and see stuff. I bought a 5 dollar necklace and a keychain. Then, we went to a toyshop and we play with all the soft toys. We took a lot of pics with the toys. we were so childish!!!^^ Then, we went to a baby section. Ke Xin and i pretend to be like mothers!!!! Then, we went to a clothes shop and try on some clothes. Then, Ke Xin came to my house. While i was playing computer, Ke Xin was doing nothing. Then, we call Sher Wu to ask for Juen Hong phone number. This is the first time Ke Xin talk to Sher Wu. It was so fun!!!!^^

P/S: this is the best year ever!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

News !!!! 4 U!!!!

Hey, i was thinking about some people do not have Astro, and i very kesian them,then, i thought that mabye, i write some latest NEWS for U!!!!!! it's perfect...... U can comment what celebrity u want to know, and i tell you!!!!!! PERFECT!!! once again, im brilliant!!!
okay, here goes....

Miley cyrus

She broke up with Nick Jonas, and now dating a underwear model!!!! But she still going strong for her music.her latest song is "Party in the USA" Here's the video clip.

Selena Gomez

She is now dating Nick Jonas(i think) And her best friend is Demi Lovato!! i can't bealive it!!!She is the star of"Wizard of Wavery Place" on Disney Channel. Anyway, her latest song is "Fallin' Down". Here's the video clip.

Demi Lovato

She is the star of a new comedy show " Sonny with a chance" on Disney Channel. Her latest song is " Gift of a friend". Here is the video clip.

Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas is very talented in muisc. They are the stars of "Jonas" on Disney Channel. They latest song is "Fly with me". Here is the video clip.

Taylor Swift

She broke up with Joe Jonas, and now is dating someone!! She got awarded for "Best Female Video", and Kanye West embresses her in front of the stage!!! Her latest sng is " fifteen"Here is the video clip.(with lyrics)

teen stars

- Jonas Brothers, Miley cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato sang a song together called" Send it on". Here is the video clip.

Other Singers(latest song)

1. Beyonce- Broken hearted girl
2. Jesse James- i look so good
3. Kris allen- Live like we're dying
4. Jesse MCcartney- Body language

if you want more info of singers, im ur girl!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

children's day

Hey!! today,i woke up at 7 something, then, Wen Juin ani i walked to Yuk Chai to see the Children's day dance. But....., when we want to walk in to the school, the stupid guard don't let us in!!! Damn suck lah!! Then, we stand there like 1or 2 hours, and we are not in yet!
Then, we walked to my house to have a little drink and a little coolness. Then, we walked back to the school and hope that we can go in.While we were waiting, suddenly i saw Teck Ming was inside already!!! Then, 1 full pack of teenagers were waiting outside. Then, the headmaster cannot handle it, and came down to talk to us. First, he called all the guards to locked all the staircase doors. Then, after all these all this time, we finally can go in!!! everyone were like happy and stuff. Then, while we were finding a place to see the dancing, i saw Juen Hong walking towards me!! Then, i quickly ran away!Then, we saw some boring dancing, my grandmother also can do, and some every interesting, especially for 6k!1 They dance like Michael Jackson style!! Oh!! And Amber Chia was there too! Everyone was like ant to get her autograph!The, Ke Xin, Wen Juin and i walked to Teacher Thien Tuition center to have coolness. That is the end of the fun of children's day.

P/S: I think 6k will win!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Yeah!!! i totally got the picture of my favourite Form 2 class, 2 Kempas!!!!!!! and not to mention got my chrush in it, see can you guess who is him.

The HAPPIEST day of my life!!!!!!!!!

Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!!!!(if you mind...) Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, it started like this.

it was October 29, 2009. Recess time, the last day of exam. yeah!!!!!! Anyway, Yessundra and i were having a great time together, then, suddenly, out of nowhere, Juen Hong poped right in front of me!!!!! i was like " what the hell!!??" Then, he asked me (in chinese)" what do you want?". Because i was running, and my hair was like sooo freaking messy, i was like sooo freaking blur and weird, and finally said" what?". Then, he walked away slowly. Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn't even dream that he would actually talk to me, but he did!!!!!!!!!!! When he walked away, Yessundra and i were like screaming!!!!!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!! Quickly, i told Xin Yin and my classmate!!!! i was screaming crazily!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!! He is so cute!!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Holidays for the days

Hey!! im back!!!! this week holiday i went to Johor Bharu ( actually my family went too)
Anyway, we started to hit the road at night. it took us 4 hours to get there. When we reach there, i thought they would be sleeping, but they actually are waiting for us!! how sweet! Than, we play computer and went to bed. The next day, i woke up, brush my teeth, and ate my breakfast. there's one boy following us to this trip. We are going to Pulau Kukup. When we reach there, we park our car in one parking space, than we sat on a van and it take us to the place that we are staying. The place that we are staying is a very cooling place, it has karaoke and Mahjong. After we unpack outpack our stuff, we ate lunch(which is seafood), than we went for a boat ride. it was sooo fun!! we learn some amazing animals, plants.Than, we went back to the cool place. At night, we ate BBQ. Than the fun begin. The parents sang Karaoke, whilethe kids play Mahjong. it was sooo fun!!!
The next day, we woke up, and play some more Mahjong. While we were playing, Teck Ming and Edmund is still sleeping(FYI: is the boy) When evryong woke up, we need to go back to JB. But before we do that, we ate lunch. On the way back, we went to Taman Negara. Agian, we learn some amazing thing. We went to Then Southern Most Tip In Mailand Asia. After that, we were all so tired, so we finally went to their house. We took a bath, Play computer, and PS2. Than we went out to eat dinner. When we came back, we again play com, and PS2.
The next day, well, actually, today is the last day of holiday, we havent start the fun yet, so i will continue, when thid trip is finally over!

(FYI: Happy Holiday and Happy Merdeka day!!)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Issues by "The Saturdays"

Ooooh yeah

Sometimes, I feel like I'm going out of my mind
Boy the way you do me it's a damn crime
And then you smile at me and it's alright
With you there ain't no in-between
Every time that I walk out the door
Tell myself I won't take it no more
there's a part of me that won't let you go
Keep saying yes while my minds saying no

Me and my heart we got issues
don't know if I should hate you or miss you
Damn I wish that I could resist you
can't decide if I should slap you or kiss you
Me and my heart we got issues, issues, issues
We got issues, issues, issues

It's so hard, boy you left me hanging for so long
You empty out my love until it's all gone
You change the words but still is that the same song
I'm tired of the melody
Change my number and throw out your clothes
But my feeling for you it still shows
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I keep building a wall round my heart
But then I see you and it all falls apart

Me and my heart we got issues
don't know if I should hate you or miss you (damn I wish)
Damn I wish I that could resist you (can't decide)
can't decide if I should slap you or kiss you
Me and my heart we got issues, issues, issues (ooooh)
We got issues, issues, issues

Why fight it, can't hide it
Truth is I think I like it
Confusion, illusion
Still I don't know which way to go

Me and my heart we got issues
don't know if I should hate you or miss you
Damn I wish that I could resist you
can't decide if I should slap you or kiss you (me and my heart)
Me and my heart we got issues (we gotta work this thing out)
don't know if I should hate you or miss you (I don't know)
Damn I wish that I could resist you (yeah)
can't decide if I should slap you or kiss you
Me and my heart we got issues, issues, issues
We got issues, issues, issues
We got issues, issues, issues (me and my heart)
We got issues, issues, issues

Me and my heart we got issues (we gotta decide which way to go)
don't know if I should hate you or miss you...